Agroecologic Farm

Coexisting with nature by using new technologies
and an organic permacultural approach.

Planet One World Farm a sustainable example

On the Planet One World sustainable farm, we apply and teach a variety of agroecological practices and technologies to become as independent from non-sustainable energy, food, water and medicine being nearly entirely self-sufficThe organic permaculture farm provides us with our cooking fuel, our delicious meals, and it even allows us to be “carbon negative” through the use of an innovative technology called “Imbert system” which produces a “producer gas” that can be used to create electricity or drive cars and machines.

In this negative carbon way of producing energy, we will be left with almost no pollution and byproducts such as heat, biotar and ”biochar” since we do not burn the materials like wood or farm byproducts such as coconut shells or branches, but we only use the produced gas. These and many other issues are explained and practiced in our farm. Come and become part of it! Due to professional advice and supervision by experts on this field, we are able to show now that even small farmers can effectively help to solve global problems like climate change, food security, conservation, disease prevention and many more.