Accommodation and Food

We want to provide you with a lifetime experience.
This contains a beautiful accommodation and great food!


The Planet One World farm is about 3 km away from the beautiful Caribbean beaches. Centre of Planet One World is the main house with our reception. Behind this main house are even more rooms as well as we have a second house just 400 metres away.

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Planet One World Base Camp (House 1)

All activities start from here. All meals are served in the main commen room as well as we do our daily morning planning here. It contains a large lounge where you can cook in the kitchen if you wished and hang out during your free time. Behind the living room you can find further seminar rooms as well as a fitness room where you can do your daily work out if you are no yet done ;-).


Mono Aullador

This room has four beds and a little private balcony. From there you'll spot howler monkeys from time to time.


This room has one big bed. During midday you can spots some tucans in the near by trees. With two windows you are having day light thorugh the whole day.


This room has two beds. The bush infront of the balcony is full of colibrís during the morning. Don't forget your coffee while enjoying that spectacle!


That room offers three beds. On this side of the house the likelihood to spot a sloths is realy high.

Planet One World Casa Papaya (House 2)

Casa Papaya is about 400 metres away from the main Planet One World Accomodation. Here you are also fully equiped with a western bathroom, kitchen, living room and a terrace. In total this accommodation offers space for 7 person or volunteers.

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The served food is a mixed out of western and traditional Costa Rican food and most of it is from our organic farm! You will get to know different plants and how they taste. You'll get a full board during your stay and you can have as much fruits as you can eat. Sometimes we offer cooking classes to teach you how to prepare typical Costa Rican fruits and vegetable. And no worries the cooking lessons are also included.