Volunteering in Costa Rica

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Volunteering at Planet One World

Should be beneficial for both sides

Volunteering at Planet One World is Voluntourism. You support our vision and project while having a lot of fun doing different activities and tours. Leaving your impact on the project means varied work on the farm, in the wildlife refuge and in the BriBri communities. Fullfilling our mission to protect nature we are following our vision and educate people about how we can coexist with nature. That is why workshops are an inherent part of your volunteer stay. This approach includes weekly tours in which you get to know the south-eastern Caribbean side.

We will do unforgettable cultural excursions as well as we show you incredible nature settings. Ultimately we want that you can explore the beaches, the nightlife and nature on your own. For that, you have leisure time on the weekends where you can sleep at our beach house and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We sincerely believe that the impact you will leave cannot just be seen at the different projects of Planet One World, but also on your personality, attitude and behaviour. We like to keep it simple and personal so spare some time and have a chat with us: https://calendly.com/wackerbarthhannes/30min

Volunteering should be beneficial for both sides as it also should leave an impact on both sides!


What makes us unique and what do we offer?


The educational approach is the heart of Planet One World. Volunteering should be beneficial for both sides!


You wild safeguard 540 ha of mainly primary forest with many endangered species.
Not to mention your support for the BriBri communities.

Personal Care

Unlike other programs, you get full personal attention.
We are not a big volunteer provider which is sending you from A to B!


Each Friday we carry you off to magical places. Lose yourself in the extraordinary nature and culture of the Caribbean part of Costa Rica. Kayaking, rafting, shaman visit, hidden waterfalls..


We speak fleunte English, Spanish, German and Japanese, and even some BriBri!
To improve your communication skills you will learn some Spanish during your time here.


Wake up, get a morning coffee and watch the bustle of the hummingbirds from your balcony. Watch there is a toucan... from afar you can hear the howler monkeys.

Ranger Training

Be a Guardian of Los Guardianes Wildlife Refuge. Patrol, build ranger camps and learn how to survive in a tropical rainforest.

Costa Rica

Imagien living on a farm, seeing many wild animals, primary tropical rainforest 1 km away and the most beautiful Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica just 5 km away.
From Two to Eight Weeks

Short-term Volunteering at Planet One World

Be a Wildlife Sanctuary ranger, monitor animals in the rainforest, have physical contact with wildlife in the farm, the sanctuary and at the local Rescue Center. Live and work within a remote indigenous village, learn from a traditional Awá Shamán (an ethnobotanical indigenous doctor), gain real farm work skills. Teach at a local school, get to know alternative constructions, lose yourself in the beauty of nature and enjoy exploring Costa Rica during our tours and your leisure time down at the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rican Caribbean side.

Cozy Accommodation
Weekly one day tour
Free weekends at the beach house
Full organic board
100% personal attention
Cozy Accommodation


Your Impact
    Your Adventure
         Your Memories

What makes us unique and what do we offer?


Working on the farm, in the Wildlife Refuge and the BriBri reserve combined with weekly tours and free weekends are our vision of an impressive and varied program for unforgettable experiences.


Experience the peaceful atmosphere at Planet One World. Wild animals are passing by, and warm-hearted people will make you feel at home.

Beach House

On the weekends you have leisure time. Use our simple beach house, which is just 1 km from the main town (Puerto Viejo) and the Caribbean nightlife away!

Wildlife Refuge

Our private Wildlife Refuge offers incredible biodiversity.
The day and night walking tours will fascinate you!

Organic Food

As far as possible the food comes directly from our organic farm. You get a full organic board and as many fruits as you can eat. In cooking classes we teach you more about the exotic vegetables of Costa Rica.


Day to day we try to gain more followers for your vision. We are proud about all our so far gained partners. Together we fight for a more sustainable and peaceful future.

BriBri culture

Ken is the founder, married into the BriBri community and Adolfo is the grandson of their spiritual leader, the shaman. You are not a visitor to them like in any other offered tour. You are perceived as part of the community!


We have farm animals as well as wild animals like hummingbirds, toucans, sloths, howler monkeys, caiman and frogs daily passing by. Not to mention all the animals in the refuge and injured animals you will be taking care of.
More than three months

Long-term Volunteering at Planet One World

After a one-month onboarding program, you as a long-term volunteer are an inherent part of the Planet One World team. Long-term stays are a unique way of achieving real skills and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Applying you will be asked to fill out an application form that will enable us to see if and how you fit in due to your skills and interests. You are welcome to join our long-term volunteer network and communicate with those who have already become members of the “tribe”. We can't wait hear from you!

Cozy Accommodation
Weekly one day tour
Free weekends at the beach house
Full organic board
Lifetime experience
Group leader skills
Lifetime lasting friendships

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