Our Vision

Building up a sustainable future.
Live and teach how to coexist with nature.

Who we are - Planet One World

Planet One World is located near Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, nestled in between Indigenous reserves and Afro-Caribbean fishing villages. The area is dotted with intact coastal rainforests, stunning Caribbean beaches and colourful coral reefs. The One World base camp learning centre is a 36-hectare self-sustainable agroecological farm situated in a 546 hectares private wildlife sanctuary called Los Guardianes Wildlife Refuge. Our guests become an integral part of the ecosystem and the communities we visit. Planet One World defines itself by the 4 pillars, agroecological farm, wildlife refuge, BriBri indigenous culture and sustainable living education centre.

What we want to accomplish

In line with goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Goals our primary goal is to show functioning examples of how we can live well using our planet´s resources sustainably while respecting, protecting and supporting local communities as well as the biodiversity of this place. There are already plenty of sustainable solutions on which we want to educate all visitors of our project. We hope that perceiving and experiencing our world will carry out our message into the world. The impact you will leave as a visitor in our project is as much as important as the impact which will be seen on your perception and personality. Inspiring you and being part of your personal development is our mission without this our vision would not be wholly fulfilled.


UN Sustainable Goals

Clean Water and Sanitation

Planet One World is getting all it's water from rain collecting stations. Clean drinking water is gained by a tone filter.

Renewable Energy

How to creat energy without using water, wind or sun - curious?
Visit us and learn all about it.

Sustainable Communities

Together with our partners we try to establish more and more sustainable communities.

Responsible Consumption

Creating awareness for all resources we use every day and knowing exactly where each resource is coming from!

Climate Action

We educate young people on climate change to put them on a sustainable path early on!

Life on Land

We offer a safe habitat for endangered plant and animal species. Afforestation is nearly completed.